As of December 1st 2011, KOBELCO is no longer producing the Kobelco Super Charger. All inquiries for service and new sales should be directed to FOWLER ENGINES INCORPORATED.

Sales: 614-258-2924


Kobelco Compressors Manufacturing of Indiana state-of-the-art production of superchargers begins with 3D Cad software. Every piece of the Kobelco Supercharger has been designed or redesigned in-house before becoming a production part. All machining processes are computer controlled to ensure excellent repeatability. Once machined, parts are directed through computer controlled coordinate measurement machines (CMM) to confirm precise tolerances. This insures peak performance and repeatability from your Kobelco Supercharger.

• State of the art Rotor Profile
• Strong Durable Construction

Download Supercharger Brochure

Models Description
KS6S2-11 6-71 STD. Delta Blower
KS6SR2-11 6-71 STD. Redline Delta Blower
KS6S3-11 6-71 STD. -3 Delta Blower
KS8H3-11 8-71 STD. Delta Blower
KS8HR3-11 8-71 Helix Blower
KS10H3-11 10-71 Helix Blower
KS14S1-11 14-71 STD. Blower
KS14H3-11 14-71 Helix Blower
KS14HR3-11 14-71 Redline Helix Blower
KS16H3-11 16-71 Helix Blower
KS18H3-11 18-71 Helix Blower
KSSSA Snout- Short Assembly
KSLSA-12 Snout-Long Assembly

For all blower, part sales and blower rebuilding, contact an authorized Kobelco distributor.