Single Shaft Centrifugal


  • Various gases for chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Recycle gas for refineries and synthesis alcohol plants
  • Synthesis gas for ammonia and methanol plants
  • Recycle gas in refineries
  • Circulator in petrochemical plants
  • Natural gas feed, feed air and refrigeration in ammonia plants
  • Natural gas transmission
  • Air, nitrogen and oxygen in air separation plants
  • Natural gas gathering

Applicable Range: Model VH

Up to 350 barg (5,000 psig) 
Capacity 100,000 m3/h (60,000 cfm)


Applicable Range: Models V, VS, VSS

Up to 50 barg (715 psig) 
Capacity 300,000 m3/h (180,000 cfm)