Reciprocating Compressor Applications

Oil Refineries  

Typical applications:

  • Hydrogen make-up gas compressor for Hydrocracking and Desulfurizing plant
  • Hydrogen make-up and recycle services for Hydrcracking and Hydrotreating and Diesel Desulfurization (ULSD) process
  • Net gas compressors for Continuous Catalytic Reforming plant

Cryogenic Services

Typical applications:

  •  LNG BOG compressor(Suction temperature -160 °C (-260°F)
  •  Ethylene BOG compressor
    (Suction temperature -100 °C (-150°F)
  •  Nitrogen BOG compressor
    (Suction temperature -150 °C (-250°F)

Petrochemical plants

Typical applications:

  • Hydrocarbon gas booster
  •  Hydrogen services in petrochemical processes (polyethylene, polypropylene, etc)