Power Generation

Power generating companies are continually adapting to satisfy increasing power demands while reducing CO2 and other harmful emissions.

In recent years, natural gas fired power plants have become a popular solution. These plants can be built within a relatively short time. Natural gas has lower emissions than other fossil fuels and modern gas turbines generate power with high efficiency.

Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) power plants incorporate a gas turbine to generate electricity plus a steam turbine powered by waste heat from the gas turbine combustion process. Their enhanced efficiency in generating electricity makes this design the most popular choice for new plant construction.

Modern gas turbines require higher natural gas pressure to realize improved efficiency. For example, a typical gas turbine operates efficiently around 50 to 70 bar (700 to 1,000 psi). However, in many regions gas pressure from the pipeline is trending lower due to high demand for natural gas. Therefore, fuel gas booster compressors are preferred additions to most new gas turbine power plant projects. Fuel gas boosting compressors must have a large turndown range and the ability to handle gas pressure fluctuation from the pipeline.

Kobelco has extensive experience in engineering screw gas compressors for fuel gas boosting service. Kobelco screw compressors offer high reliability and are capable of producing pressures up to 100 bar (1,500 psi). They feature a built-in, stepless unloading system (called a "slide valve") which provides tremendous savings in power consumption in applications where turndown and suction gas pressure fluctuation are factors.

Another popular power plant technology is IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle). This approach requires many process gas compressors, including units for: syngas, air, vent gas, refrigeration system, oxygen, nitrogen, acid gas, CO2 booster, fuel gas booster and more.

Kobelco can supply the best solution for all gas compression requirements because Kobelco offers all three types of process gas compressors (reciprocating, centrifugal and screw).