Packaged Air Centrifugal

For Air and Nitrogen Services

Integrally geared process gas compressors (single- or multi-stage) are commonly known and have been widely used for plant and instrument air, as well as nitrogen compression services.


  • Air and nitrogen for air separation units
  • Instrument and plant air
  • Process air for chemical and petrochemical plants

Applicable Range

  • Up to 80 barg (1,150 psig)
  • Capacity 170,000 m3/h (100,000 cfm)
  • Up to 50 barg (715 psig)
  • Capacity 350,000 m3/h (210,000 cfm)

High Reliability

The highest degree of quality can be achieved because all packaging work for auxiliaries is completed in the shop, where the best work conditions can be maintained. The shop running test is conducted on the job base plate with all auxiliary components installed. Consequently, the complete system has been checked prior to arriving on-site, promoting trouble-free installation and smooth operation.

High Efficiency

An Integrally geared machine is inherently more versatile in rotating speeds than conventional machines. It offers a wider range of rotating speed even for single-stage machine. A selection of different speeds for each group of 2 impellers is possible for a machine with more than 3 stages (impellers). Integrally geared machines also require fewer bearings than conventional machines. As a result, the SuperTurbo is inherently superior in power requirement to conventional machine.