Screw Compressors-Oil Injected Screw Gas

Kobelco oil-injected screw gas compressors are designed to satisfy API 619 (rotary-type positive displacement compressors for petroleum, chemical and gas industry services) requirements, as well as standard types used for refrigeration systems. They are intended to deliver years of continuous, uninterrupted operation. Kobelco oil-injected screw gas compressors have the highest pressure capability in the world - up to 100 barg (1,500 psig).

Kobelco oil-injected screw gas compressors mechanically have no compression ratio limit and possess a wide turn down capability (from 100% to 20% stepless) with power saving. This makes them ideal for low molecular weight gases, high compression ratios and services with fluctuating conditions, such as hydrogen, helium, ethelyne, propylene and fuel gas boosting for gas turbines.

Applicable Range

Discharge pressure: up to 100 barg (1,500 psig)
Capacity: up to 34,000 m3h (20,000 cfm)

Key Advantages

  • High discharge pressure
  • High efficiency
  • Stepless capacity control
  • Small installation area
  • Lower foundation cost
  • Versatility in accommodating suction pressure fluctuations
  • Easy starting and stopping
  • Fewer wearing parts, reducing maintenance

Slide Valve Delivers High Efficiency 

Kobelco oil-injected screw compressors are equipped with a unique, built-in slide valve, which automatically increases and decreases suction volume as inlet and/or discharge gas pressures fluctuate. As a result, Kobelco oil-injected screw compressors  deliver outstanding energy savings in applications such as fuel gas boosting for gas turbines. 

Chart Valve

Optimum Results in Multiple Industries 

Kobelco oil-injected screw compressors operate by positive displacement. Their performance is virtually unaffected by fluctuations in gas molecular weight, pressure or changes in operating conditions. They provide outstanding performance in a wide range of applications, including:

Oil Refining
Hydrogen for gasoline and diesel & helium for cryogenic systems
Oil-injected screw compressors can easily handle low molecular weight gas such as Hydrogen since the lube oil acts as a sealant. Also, Kobelco oil-injected screw compressors can handle 100 barg (1,500 psig) so they are used for various hydrogen services (make-up, recycle, booster) in oil refining processes.

Fuel gas boosting for gas turbines
Oil-injected screw compressors properly supply fuel gas to gas turbines with high reliability and tremendous power savings by a unique slide valve mechanism in cases of (a) gas turbine turndown operations and/or (b) gas pressure fluctuations from pipelines.

Environmental – CO2, landfill gas, biomass gas, biofuel
High compression ratio requirements
The oil-injected screw compressor is quite suitable for high compression ratio requirements since lube oil acts as coolant. Normally, such a high compression ratio is required for CO2landfill gas, biomass gas and biofuel gas since such gases are originally almost atmospheric pressure. Only a single or maximum two-stage oil-injected screw compressor is applied even for such high compression ratio services.

Other Applications

  • Helium
  • Natural gas
  • Coke oven gas
  • PP and PE process gas
  • Process refrigeration
  • Methyl Chloride
  • Syngas