The majority of oil and gas exploraion now takes place offshore, where development efforts are increasingly focused on deep water exploration. Offshore platforms and FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) utilize gas compressors for the following applications:

  • VRU (Vapor Recovery Unit)
  • Flash Gas Compressor
  • LP (Low Pressure Compressor)
  • MP (Middle Pressure Compressor)
  • HP (High Pressure Compressor)

Kobelco oil-free screw gas compressors are the best fit for VRU, Flash Gas, LP and MP services. Gas composition from the well and associated processes normally includes heavy hydrocarbons, H2S and water. The composition of the gas changes frequently during the operating period and is impossible to predict. For this kind of difficult gas service, Kobelco oil-free screw compressors are most effective because they are positive displacement compressors with no risk of gas and oil contamination. They easily and reliably compress any gas, even with fluctuating composition.

Kobelco also offers a very compact-design, advanced, oil-free screw compressor, which is suitable for the limited installation area on offshore platforms and FPSO's.

Kobelco oil-free screw gas compressors are serving major oil companies on offshore projects worldwide, including the Gulf of Mexico, Persian Gulf, West Africa, Brazilian offshore and Sakhalin Island.