Gas Compressors

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Backed by years of experience, KOBELCO has been a leading company for screw compressors. NB, GB and EH series have been developed for multiple applications by concentrating accumulated expertise and the most advanced technologies.

NB & GB series are avaialbe through Kobelco Compressors Manufacting of Indiana in Elkhart, Indiana.

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Other Products

• Centrifugal Compressor
• Reciprocating Compressor

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GB Series
NB Series
EH Series

78-864 CFM Displacement up to 300 PSIG Discharge

571-6397 CFM Displacement up to 350 PSIG Discharge

(API Standard) Very high pressure up to 1500 PSIG Discharge



Natural Gas

Process Gas


Natural Gas

Process Gas

Gas Turbine Fuel Gas Boosters

Refinery Service Compressors

Petrochemical Service Compressors