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Kobe Steel receives Thomson Reuters 2014 Top 100 Global Innovators Award

Selected for the First Time as One of the World’s Top 100 Innovative Companies

TOKYO, February 5, 2015 — Kobe Steel, Ltd. (also known as Kobelco) has been named to the Thomson Reuters 2014 Top 100 Global Innovators list. In recognition of this achievement, Thomson Reuters presented Kobe Steel with a trophy for the award. This is the first time that Kobe Steel has been recognized as a Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovator.

The program honors 100 of the world’s most innovative organizations. The IP & Science business of Thomson Reuters, one of the world’s leading sources of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, evaluates companies and organizations using a series of metrics to analyze their patent activity and protection of intellectual property. The organizations are recognized for their innovation generated by the creative intellectual property derived from their research activities. The Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovators program began in 2011. The criteria for the award are as follows:

1. Overall patent volume: Organizations with 100 or more patented new inventions from the most recent five years

2. Patent grant success rate: Ratio of patent applications that have been granted

3. Global reach: Number of patents registered in four major world markets (Europe, the United States, China and Japan)

4. Patent influence: Frequency of patents cited by other companies in the patenting of their inventions

Thomson Reuters said that “of the four criteria, Kobe Steel received high scores on patent grant success rate and global reach. In particular, it received its highest score in the patent grant success rate. These factors led to Kobe Steel’s first selection to the Top 100 list.”

Kobe Steel will continue to actively pursue research and development to create new value. Simultaneously, it will strive to protect and utilize the intellectual property it has generated in the global market.

About Kobe Steel

Kobe Steel, Ltd. is a diversified manufacturer with its major businesses concentrated on materials and machinery. The materials business comprises iron and steel, welding, and aluminum and copper products. Machinery includes industrial machinery, engineering and construction equipment, as well as environmental solutions. Other important businesses are wholesale power supply and real estate. The company has head offices in Kobe and Tokyo, Japan. For more information, visit: www.kobelco.com.

Many of the company’s businesses operate under the Kobelco name including compressors. Together with Kobelco Compressors America, Inc., Kobelco is one of the largest manufacturers of custom engineered process gas compressors in North America.

Link to Thomson Reuters’ news release: Thomson Reuters 2014 Top 100 Global Innovators

Pictured Above: Yoshiko Tanahashi, Vice President, Japan Sales, IP & Science, Thomson Reuters (right), presents the trophy to Kobe Steel’s Managing Director Yasuaki Sugizaki, who oversees research and development at the company.