When you need the optimal solution for your gas compression application, look to Kobelco. We offer all types of compressors, so we can custom engineer the best possible combination of reliability, efficiency, economy and environmental benefits.

Whether you need the operating cost savings of a screw compressor, the large volume of a centrifugal compressor, the high efficiency of a reciprocating compressor - or a combination of them - Kobelco offers the best solution. Combination packages include:

  •  oil-injected/oil-free screw
  • centrifugal/oil-injected screw               
  • centrifugal/oil-free screw
  • centrifugal/reciprocating
  • reciprocating/oil-injected screw
  • reciprocating/oil-free screw


For an application requiring both large capacity and high discharge pressure, Kobelco provided a combination oil-free/oil-injected compressor unit. 

In this arrangement, a large oil-free screw compressor was used for lower stage boosting up to a certain pressure,  followed by an oil-injected screw compressor to reach the final discharge pressure. 

This system is capable of achieving an inlet volume of 70,000 m3/h (41,200 cfm) and discharge pressure of 60 barg (870 psig).

 KS63LAZ-50LX Fuel Gas Booster    

Suction pressure : 0 barg / 0 psig
Capacity : 40,000 Nm3/h / 24,890 SCFM
Discharge pressure : 16.2 barg / 235 psig
Gas : Ladle Gas
Driver : 6,800 kW / 9,115 HP