Screw compressors-Advanced Dry Screw Compressors

Kobelco introduces the Advanced Dry Screw gas compressors. This unique design offers the advantages of both oil-free and oil-injected screw gas compressors.


  • No oil contamination
  • Stable rotor operation
  • Easy monitoring of running conditions
  • Simple structure
  • Compact footprint
  • One shaft seal instead of 4
  • Low noise (85 dba)

Applicable Range

Inlet volume flow range: 600 m3/h (350cfm) to 22,000 m3/h (13,500 cfm)
Discharge pressure: up to 21 barg (300 psig)

Combines the Benefits of Oil-Free and Oil-Injected Designs

The Advanced Dry Screw compressor has the structure of a traditional oil-injected screw compressor, which means that only one seal is required at the drive shaft end to seal the process gas from the atmosphere. The Advanced Dry Screw compressor provides stable rotor operation by using all rolling-element type bearings. This allows the Advanced Dry Screw compressor to perform with the ease and reliability of an oil-injected compressor during frequent starts and stops. Yet, the Advanced Dry Screw compressor also offers the benefits of an oil-free screw gas compressor by maintaining oil-free gas in downstream processes. It also eliminates the need for an oil separator or oil filter element, conserving valuable space on the compressor skid.

Advanced Dry Screw gas compressors feature compact, reliable designs and simple, single-skid arrangements. For users, this translates into lower installation costs, simple and easy start/stop operation, and long-term, continuous operation.